Do you want to learn about photography in a simply way?

I am an amateur photographer learning how to use my DSLR camera. I thought that with the information that I learn and research about, I might be able to pass onto you if you are starting out in photography and hopefully assist you as well. Whether it be something you want to focus a career on or just interested in it as more of a hobby.

There are many blogs and website that provide information on how to become a professional photographer however, what I have discovered is that most of the blogs/websites and video presentations have also been made by professionals. Therefore, I find the language and teaching techniques are still at a higher level. I know from researching and trying to learn about photography myself that I need more of a basic understanding to get my head around some of the settings and functions of my camera and how I can put them into practice. I hope you will benefit from this blog and can learn from the information that has assisted me along the way.

Sunset over Mt Coolum

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